Tips on Pet Door Installation from Huntersville Glass, LLC

Our furry friends enjoy the convenience of a pet door. They get as frustrated as we do when they have to continually ask to go outside to use the bathroom or to just enjoy a bright, warm sunny day. 

Having a pet door gives them independence and freedom. It also saves you from the continual distraction of worrying about getting them outside before they have an accident. A pet door allows you peace of mind if you have to leave them home for long periods of time, such as during an emergency.

Given the right tools and directions, almost anyone can install an effective door that their pets can use to come and go. We have included a few tips here to help you to get started on pet door installation.

Proper Placement

Before getting to work, check the placement of the pet door. Make sure that it allows your pet to only go into a completely contained outside area. Also make sure that while outside, your pet has no access to dangerous substances, such as antifreeze.

Materials You Will Need

You will need to collect the following materials to install your new pet door in an exterior wall

  • Hammer
  • Jigsaw
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Pencil
  • Drywall screws
  • Toggle bolts
  • Safety glasses
  • Face mask
  • Measuring tape

If you can place the pet door in an already existing door to the outside, you will need fewer materials and likely, less time to install it.

Prepping the Area

Prep work starts with measuring your pet. Make sure to provide a larger space than necessary, especially if your pet is young. Our pets often gain weight as they age just as we do. You want a door that's wide and tall enough to always accommodate him or her.

Next, purchase the pet door. Before taking it to the register, scan the directions to make sure it will work well in your door or wall. Also look for any special instructions concerning placement, insulation, or other potential issues.


Pet door installation in an already existing door requires less work than placing it in an exterior wall. When installing it in a door, take the door off the hinges and place it on two sawhorses. Use your pencil to trace an outline around either the door itself or a template, which is usually included with your purchase.

Before using the saw to cut out the space for the door, put on eye and mouth protection. The saw can put dangerous debris into the air that may damage your eyes or lungs.

Make sure to follow the directions on installation closely. Each brand of pet door may have different instructions. 

Final Details

You may have to train your pet on how to use the new door. To them, it looks like an enclosed space. Only with training will they understand how to go out and in through it. 

We also recommend that you seal the bottom of the opening. Whether you installed it into a wall or a door, moisture can leak from the outside through the door.

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