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Current Trends in Residential and Commercial Window Installation
October 7, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Huntersville Glass, LLC

As customer needs and wants change, so does the window design and installation business. Over the past year, those changes have been driven by differences in taste and concerns from society.

In our experience, keeping up with the latest trends in window and glass design enables us to better serve our customers. Our years of experience in glass installation, maintenance, and storefront repair in Charlotte, NC have taught us to ensure that the customer’s expectations should be met or exceeded each time.

Below, we have listed this year’s trends in residential and commercial window design and installation.

Increased Attention to Security

In no community or industry can we escape the tragic headlines from across the country. Even as overall violent crime drops, senseless tragedies still occur.

For this reason, many commercial customers increasingly inquire about security issues.

The glass industry has responded with the creation of types of glass more capable of resisting bullets or other aggressive actions. Current trends in glass manufacturing thus emphasize “invisible security.”

Invisible security involves a total concept of building security but starts with improved glass for windows and doors.

One of the latest types of secure glass can withstand gunfire for four or more minutes. Around one-fourth of an inch thick and light in weight, these glass panels often start at $2,000 per pane.

Impact-rated windows have also seen expanded use in recent years. These glass panes can better withstand intense winds, hail, and other challenges posed by severe weather.

Improved manufacturing technology has helped to create more resilient windows that are better capable of protecting people inside.

More Businesses Are Using Storefront Style Windows

Businesses in a variety of settings have increasingly turned to a storefront style design. This is true even for businesses that are located in shopping malls, office buildings, and other types of commercial complexes.

Storefront style openings have helped to make the typical professional office look more accessible in an urban environment. They also help to enhance energy efficiency through the use of specially designed panes with aluminum framing.

Energy Efficiency Is Also Prioritized

Both commercial and residential customers increasingly show interest in windows that protect against energy loss. Their design enables them to provide better insulation than traditional windows. They keep interiors cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter months.

Residential windows that have the Energy Star rating can start at prices as little as $150 per window.

Design Trends in Commercial and Residential Windows

Consumer preferences, when it comes to new commercial and residential windows, have moved in the same direction.

New styles seek a sleeker and more modern look. This means that designers look for larger panes. They also want to minimalize completely the look of the frame. Frames have shrunk tremendously. Designers also prefer that they come in dark colors to further hide their presence in the visual scheme.

Larger windows have made screens less practical. Customers increasingly request windows that have no screens in them at all.

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